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or professional service use to locate there given the lack of visibility from the street. * the second floor of the property consists of [speaker not understood] offices of mental health providers. given that any use on the first floor would have to be compatible with the existing use, it seemed a good use for the ground floor would be additional offices for medical health providers. our office contacted the planning department and confirmed that the only way to remedy the situation, one that we felt worthy of remedying was through legislation. legislation was obviously needed in this case due to the fact that new medical service uses are prohibited in the sacramento street ncd which runs from lion's street to spruce street on sacramento. when drafting legislation we wanted to make sure that we respected the concerns that created the prohibition in the first place. in 1987 when these controls were in place there were concerns that medical service uses were displacing neighborhood service -- neighborhood serving businesses and residential units. i really should not have ran up those stairs. e
'brien? >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena notified me that he will be joining us shortly. >> commissioner white? >> here. >> commissioner rock-n-lock? commissioner riley. >> approval of the minutes, documents draft, january 13th, due to revisions that were being made we do not have them available and we request a continuance to the next meeting. >> i move a continuance to the next meeting. >> i second. >> and all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> next item? >> commissioners, item three is general public comment, this allows the members of the public to comment in matters of the commission in the purview and suggestion for the future consideration, do we have any members of the general public here who would like to make a comment on items that are not on tonight's agenda? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. next? >> item four, discussion and possible action to make recommendations on the board of supervisors, on board of supervisors file no, 130042, planning code, medical service use, sacramento neighborhood commercial district. commissioners in the binder is the file number along with the legislative d
to us or maybe there was a language barrier and here, our groups are actually were absolutely were crucial to organizing these individuals and getting that information to us and this frequently happens where we will have a situation like this in an apartment building or even in an srl in which the organization will occur so the inspector will know that this is going to happen, and they will allow enough time for each individual to let them in and show them the conditions. which would not happen without this program. we might not see what is behind those closed doors, especially in an apartment buildings or residential hotels or other residential uses where people are afraid or don't understand what their rights are. so that is why it is a great illustration of where this program is right now. thank you. >> good morning, commissioners, my name is page, i am a counselor, housing rights counselor and we are based in the commission district and also have an office in oakland. >> so they help us to manage the cases better and insure the case resolution since the workers working with the
that have been working on this for years. unfortunately they couldn't be with us here today, but here in this hearing we do have a very important advocate. we've got captain oh leery from the police department and from the mayor's office. dr. cambell regrets he's not able to attend this hearing but is in support of this legislation. he's the head of trauma surgery who ha provided a lot of guidance who helped us craft this legislation and the impact of what these bullets do to human bodies. mr. chair, i would like to turn the meeting back to you. thank you very much. >> thank you very much supervisor cohen. i would like to ask the mayor's office on be half of mayor if they want to add anything. >> yes, thank you. s f g tv if i can get the overhead. i'm not going to repeat anything cohen said. i just want to show a couple visuals. these are hollow point bullets. we are not propose to to ban all bullets. you can see these barbs here, this is what a normal hollow point looks like. it flattens out. but these barb bullets this is what they look like. they cause significant damage to intern
don't include the buildings we're in today or the vacant land. the other indicator we use is the annual revenues that has been hoover over 4 percent. the bigger story is we've got one account that repeals half of the out standing amount and once we're able to resolve that the delinquent rate will drop. now predictably we lost money in the industrial space storage facilities and parking lot this was due to the america's cup project as well as the displacement where the crews ship term is being built. we need the city to rehe bureaus us dues to some complications has not generated revenue for us however, we're expecting a revenue reimburse time. a lot of those costs have been offset by parking lot meter funds >> good afternoon commissioner this is marilyn i'm from the medical examiner division financial analysts. on the maritime does the revenue is up by 21.4 percent. and it's from two sectors cargo. and by construction projects. and a one time shift from payment from the economy and taxes increase. on ship repair activity is up assault of drudging the basin completed in 20
university interns who are spending the spring with us. so if you could all please stand. rebecca, who is working in our trails program. lisa, who is going to work in early childhood education and marisa in permits and kelly in the marina and david working in city services. joshua in sports and athleticks and jackie, who is going to be working with ana alvarez. this is the fourth year, i think, fourth or fifth year that we have blessed with a great partnership with san francisco university and we have been blessed with a talented group of interns who are majors in parks recreation and tourism academic concentration at san francisco state. it's a very competitive program and we have an incredibly talented class this year and i know that already. many san francisco state interns have gone on to work with us in our department. so it's a great workforce training opportunity and we are thrilled to have you. so welcome to our commission meeting. so it was just a few short months ago we were saying merry christmas, happy holidays, happy new year and then it was onto a super bowl and then o
think it really is a fine, welcoming place. so, i'm supportive of allowing them to have accessory use across the street. staff recommended it be city-wide. i don't think this is the appropriate time to go city-wide. i think that that requires some discussion across the city, what this might mean for other neighborhoods. but i actually don't think this is a top priority for city-wide discussion, depending on what sort of comes up in other neighborhoods. i think what i've seen we've done is make it apply to the entire -- in this case would be the upper market nct, if that portion passes. i refer to actually the sacramento street item that we had today where we change the use for medical street. and also the third floor, what was it, personal service that we made recently on valencia street. so, maybe i can ask the supervisor if he wanted to speak to that at all, the idea of making it available to the entire upper market nct. >>> thank you, commissioners. i would be very open to legislation to change the nct to allow for off-site. i do believe that would probably trigger city-wide discus
it's a nonconforming use and, therefore, it is what it is. but -- and it's attached to -- i suppose it doesn't have to be attached to cafe floor. it could be an off-site kitchen for another restaurant, i assume. so, it could -- someone else could utilize it. as long as it didn't change use, it can stay where it is. but if it did, then the whole thing goes away. that said, i think there appears to be full support for the staff looking at expanding the legislation to include what commissioner wu just spoke about. but i'm uncomfortable in doing that because this has not been vetted before anyone and the community and the merchants associations and everyone else were looking at a specific application for cafe floor. but i think there's another discussion that needs to be had with the community groups about expanding it all over the upper market area. and for us to take a vote on that i don't think is appropriate. >> so, are you, commissioner sugaya, removing that portion of your -- your portion of the motion? >> no. i'm saying staff should go ahead with that. and it would go through the
at the bus deck and the edge of the park, again to reduce the costs through the use of lighter weight, lower cost terms instead of the gfrc that had been originally proposed. we simplified the storefront glazing, at the west end of the transit center in particular to provide, to switch from amulonless glad to amulon glass allowing us to reduce the cost of what is a significant architectal element of the building in the area and volume. we also simplified along with the architect, the floor in the light column, to provide a glass floor at the base of the light column that will continue to allow the light from primary light column to extend into the rail levels and opening up the circulation in the grand hall and reducing the cost from the skylight seating type of feature that had been proposed at that location. in addition to the hard changes that we have made in the construction documents, and we have had the architect as they were required under their contract to incorporate a number of bid alternates, which will provide us with flexibility as we move forward to the award of the individual
. and that you need to provide us with sufficient information, not yes, no, you have to explain it. we have modified the application, several times in order for them to do that. but to tell them what they should say, i think is i tend to agree with josoline. >> let me add, not necessarily for a script, but a for certain permits have you to provide neighbors with a plan. and have them sign a form that says, they have seen the plan, and that they have been given a number that they can call if they have any problems. that is an example. >> but, yeah, like, if there is like a light impact issue that is going to effect the neighbors, i think that noise is definitely something that i would think merits, i don't want to put the applicants into so much burden to put in an application but there should be some minimum structure and guidance around what out reach looks like. that is not necessarily spoon-feeding them the dialogue. they can figure out themselves how to say it but you have to cover concern information in an out reach plan. >> there has been some neighborhood out reach, i have seen or we
and that is quite an achievement for us. on the change column, a little bit to the left, you will see that the margin of scores that changed from last year is somewhat small. we think most of the scores are insignificant statistically and the big point that we can see from the chart is almost all of the psas are able to approach or are well-above the 85% threshold we aim for. what we're trying to do for the public, of course, is to present outcomes that they can appreciate. you know, to provide parks that have great facilities, and so when we do our park evaluations we break them out into 14 features. these are the various aspects of the park the benchs, the children's play areas, hard scapes, lawns, that really denote the various types of maintenance and types of experiences that the users have. again they have been very stable. the changes since the last year are fairly small. and over the time you can see that the department is has really different focus to the area s where there is high use, the gardens, restrooms, athletic fields have improved. there are low use areas,
plan will be. >> once they understand what their use is that will drive the kind of repair they want to make. changes and use also triggers seismic code. it could kick a cost into a need. additionally there's some piers that the seismic work may not be done that maybe triggered by code >> i guess i was getting more into the weeds in terms of when we start a project is there too months to get a sense or is it two or 3 months to get an idea of when we sort of figure out when this will be. >> almost any structure is going to trigger seismic but it is going to be a certain weight and then how much of seismic is going to be triggered and what does that mean and what does that cost. that third step is the hardest it happened with pier one. almost invariable when we change use we have changes but the codes may not have been met. it's very if i but we want to know if that's going to be triggered or not >> do we get 6 months to a year to start figuring out the allocations that's what i want to know how far in advance will we need to make the adjustment. >> it is designed not to trigger se
given the public concern about our investigatory budget, given that the public wants us to do more investigations based on certainly what we hear in front of us, i would be fine with you doing what you have typically done and not proposed a budget cut. i think certainly the public relies on us to some extent for our investigatory work and we want to continue that and certainly not diminish that result of budget cuts, in my opinion. any other comments? is there public comment on this matter? >> david pilpel, a number of items starting with memo. i don't know why commissioner renne fell off the letterhead here. i apologize and i hope he is still with us and perhaps it's just an oversight. plus the date should be 2013. this is actually not a lot of detail. it's like no detail. and this is actually a required annual hearing on the budget pursuant to the charter. i appreciate commissioner hayon's question and the director's answer. i think in whatever transmittal comes from the commission and the staff to the mayor and controller should include some of the that language about things
on the extremities. i am surprised i thought that he would be shy to use the word ban just in the man's demeanor and so i am surprised. >> my cut reaction initially is it seems quite restrictive sort of a little bit over powering to me. the initial reaction that we could possibly get the same desires and results and that combination of more enforcement and you know, a strong application of the cu process. >> yes, so as i mentioned, the article was not to diminish the night life on the polk street corridor. we feel like the vibrantcy is important to the residents and obviously to the existing businesses that are already there and we want to make sure that we are protected and like i said we are very open to working with the planning department and exploring what an appropriate density control alternative would be. and looking at whether that is 100, or 200 square feet and what that would mean for the neighborhood. >> okay. any other commissioner comments before we open it up to public comment? okay, let's have public comment on item number 6. is there anybody who would like to make public comment
for every victim and survivor here in san francisco. but most importantly, let us dance tonight for those who still need to find the courage to leave abusive relationships and seek help. and i will keep rising and i hope you do, and i will keep demanding. and i will keep dancing until every woman and girl in san francisco can live free and clear of violence. say it with me. i rise. thank you. >> there are so many cases, and many that occur in the world. one out of three will be raped and abused. one billion women dancing is for revolution. and we have men here, thank you. one billion rising is a global call to action. and one billion rising is a celebration. this is how we celebrate the help that all of those women can receive from all of us. we can do something and we can only do it together. right now i am going to introduce janice. she's a missionary. she's an activist. she's a leader and she's a poet. she will read a poem from eve ensler. who started with this movement, she started collecting situations, and experiences. and memories of so many women around the world and she created t
to really clearly communicate and have them hopefully clearly understand what is necessary for us to do business. we are looking in as was suggested on to having find some extra or actually in terms of our replacements of cars, include, some of the electric cars but there real big impediment right now is the charging stations. so we continue to take the recommendations of the commission and commissioner melgar to try to get more to the clean air passed the high roads and passed the cngs but i think that the departments are having those kinds of problems of getting the charging stations up. it would be nice if we could buy a parking lot that we could put a bunch of charging stations and we kind of joked around with that with the controllers office, yng that is going to happen. but absent that we are trying to work on what could be done. the other thing is i have told you the controller's office is working with us in coming up with some recommendations for reserved policies and areas that we may want to look at using some of our fund balance. and it would be great if there was some
was an informational item and an update to the board and i know that we have the memo before us. >> why don't we get through as much of 7 as we can. we do have a hard stop, i believe by noon. so, if we get passed a certain point i may stop this presentation and move on to the action items, 9 and 10 so we could at least pass those out of this board. why don't we continue from item number 7 as is. so i believe that mr. beck. >> why don't we get a motion. >> do we have a motion and a second? >> a motion and a second. >> and we will take a roll call vote. >> continuing item 8 to march and closed session to march. >> with that. director lloyd? >> aye. >> metcalf. >> aye. >> reiskin >>ite. >> ortiz. >> aye. kim >> aye. >> and so we will continue the downtown rail extension and closed session to march and go ahead and continue back to item seven. >> thank you. >> why don't we continue, mr. beck is coming up to go over, >> thank you very much. >> i don't know if you have any questions on the rva. >> i do but i am going to wait to hear the cost. >> okay. great. >> on the rva, he described the effort that wen
are now going to use as a community out reach? >> i did not say anything about the permit. i just walked in and i said i would like to do something for you guys for your organization. and if you can, let me know if you have some events going on and i would like to provide you with food, meals or something like that. no, whatever, in terms of... now, no that was not said. >> all right. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> so, the reason why i question and again, it goes by responsibility of owners. since i am industry and we get hit like you say you have a spokesperson but the buck stops with you because you are the owner. and because the sign situation just got rectified only a couple of weeks ago, or last week, i mean that already shows neglect for me. and for you not to even do the electrical inspection or the dbi to go through, which we all do to get permits, to me it sounds like you stick your thumb up to what we are trying to enforce here. i mean we tried to give you an opportunity to comply, and it takes this long for you to do these things and you still are not in compliance. so, you
and it requires one of the use of the lanes. the work is being quickly accomplished and it will be occurring over the next three weeks so from peer 38 to bryant street will be closed for the next three weeks to be opened again on monday march 4th. i think it's important to repair the sea wall and protect that area from rising sea levels. we beg everyone to be patient. and then lately it's with great pride we're nearing completion of our terminal. we'll have a completion of the building and it will go forward to host the 34 cup appears on 27 and 29. i hope everyone can join us at peer 37 with the ribbon cutting with the america's cup. we looking forward to seeing everyone there. and congratulations to all the work crews that have helped to get us to this point. i hope everyone enjoys the building as much as i do. that includes my report >> any public comment? hearing none, we'll move open >> and the 1 hundred and 50 selection in the maritime port. >> commissioners i'd like to introduce our public relations officer and he drew the straw to lead up our efforts. she's doing a terrific job >> i'm
. and then lastly, it would amend planning code section 703.2b to allow food processing as an accessory use. on the west side of noe street between 15th and beaver for -- as an accessory use to a nonresidential establishment within 300 feet, provided that the food processing setback minimum of 15 feet from the property line and that accessory use be subject to section 312 notification and that it would sunset after one year. now, the department has presented to you in your packets a two-part recommendation and it's reflected in the draft resolution before you. first, the department makes a series of recommendations to the commission that you recommend approval with modifications to the board of supervisors. and then separately and secondly, the department recommends that the commission directs staff to initiate or to prepare an ordinance for initiation separately that would address concerns regarding inconsistencieses in the height designationses within the upper market district. i've also distributed a series of maps that might be helpful in the discussion. i put some extra copies out for
this, it is probably the largest transit center in the u.s. of its kind. you will have the largest elevated park, and it is a critical multimobile transportation facility. and the capacity of 45 million people a year, it is the center piece of a future san francisco an downtown, it is a major urban development, this is more of a transit center this is a downtown center that will change the sky line and it will be adjacent to some of the tallest buildings west of the mississippi. these are the attributes that require employing the best practices, these are in large part, the fed spec, justifications, the metrics that when you build a building like this, form the basis for, enhancing the safety and security of the building beyond what you might otherwise do. so, why san francisco? you are the city of the golden gate bridge, you are the city of the transamerica tower and the great sports team and rail cars, but the executive director asked us to look at the future. what will san francisco be like when this transit center is done? >> that will have a new very significant building and
the contingentcies and reserves that will allow us to complete the delivery of the phase one program. and so, within the budget today. there are a number of components of contingentcies and reserves within the budget and the first is the design contingentcy. >> it is embedded within the construction costs budgets and it represents a reserve for unknowns in the design at any status and any point in the design process. so that the typical expectation is that as you move through the design process, those design contingentcies, are reduced to 0. but at the same time, additional detail comes in to the design and is reflected in the design documents that off-sets that contingentcy. our contingentcies are not currently at 0 as we have not completed the design. but, we are carrying roughly $8 million in the design contingentcy bucket at this point. the second category again is within the construction budget is the construction contingentcy and that is a reserve that is held for the course of construction, unforeseen conditions and other change ts in the scope or construction requirements. and the reserve, a
have seen first-hand are this creative use here it is a mobile show room and it is adapable to the configurations depending on the needs. this evening, they have configured it to be a mobile art gallery a collection from a local artist and brought it out to the event to try to support that artist getting outside of his traditional area, which i believe was in the richmond? and elsewhere, at that same event, i can see a line up here of a variety of different mobile retailers, most of them are clothing boutiques there is one specialty animal supplies and a mobile, personal stylist and you can go in there and they will help you redo your look or what you have. it runs the whole gamut already with the limited number of businesss that we have identified. so, as we work through this, the office of small business is taking the lead, we tried to jump out front and prevent any particular department from crafting regulations, you know, that did not necessarily take into account interest of small businesses. so we see this, as an exciting concept. something that could be beneficial for
're extremely happy to have the baby with us and look forward to him being on exhibit at some time later. public viewing is unknown at this time, but we'll annouce it on the website. that concludes my report. >> thank you very much. >> is there any public comment on this item. being none, public comment is closed. thank you we are on item 7 the open space contingency reserve funds 2012 bond project preparation services. >> thank you margaret. >> you are welcome. >> good morning commissioners, general manager, dan mauer with the capital division. the item before you today here is for your approval to appropriate and extend funs in amount of $670,000 from the open space contingency reserve funds. as presented at the capital committee, these funds are intended to help jump-start the 2012 bond program by doing some investigation work and some other upfront studies for seven of our capital projects that are on the front-end of our schedule. in your packages you will see those facilities listed. i won't read through them here, but essentially the funds will be used for topographic surveys, geote
. i know commissioner low joined us one afternoon and experienced parts of the park as well. two things, we're in the competition for the one bay area grant, which is needed to fund what looks to be about $6.6 million to fix mansell, a 45 miles per hour zone through the park and it connects to the excelsior district to san bruno. we're very pleased and i also mentioned this to dawn that her staff has been terrific. we have been working with karen and tony moran and they have bent over backwards to get information from us, what we want and they have been listening with all ears of of course we're working with a couple of other departments. but it's refreshing to work with groups who want to know how to transform these areas into the wonderful areas of san francisco. we really appreciate being listened to. and we hope to invite you at a -- hopefully a grand opening, not too soon -- i mean not too far in the future -- not too soon, that is probably the truth. but anyway not too far in the future, so you can see transform mclaren park. thank you for your support. >> thank you.
always use for hope advocating for that and to that end we are advocating very hard. to your point also not being able to get on with the maritime. oftentimes it's the peapron. whether it's a public works project we are building those and we know there's demand. to that end i want to deliver the point that pier 17 was rebuilt and now the south side of 15 so those will be coming online >> obviously we're trying to figure out the next step. it sound we've got some new issues and i would ask that it's going to be sort of your new forecast. do you think when you come back next time are you going to have the rate of the issues of financing are we going to find ourselves with double financing issues >> i think we've got everything studied and we've got a rapid - we've got a very good handle on our port out lines including the yellow and red tags. the red tags could collapse we're going to increase our inspections. we would retag them and move on them to get the full facilities assessed. we're going to go back and look at those every 6 months or so and is if there's any imminent collapsing t
the trucks, efficiently as possible from the site to the freeways using the major streets and avoiding local streets and sometimes there will be noise concerns or a particular street is more sensitive than another street and in those cases the trucks may be detoured to another route. we try to work on those issues as complaints come in and as issues are made aware to us and to the construction companies and developers. >> i appreciate that and maybe this is more for the contractors and subcontractors. i think that there needs to be a level of training done for the drivers just an awareness, it is something that i had to learn and train myself to do when i am a driver on the street is to be more aware of my environment. >> there might be blind spots and bicyclists. those are things that definitely construction companies and large vehicle operates should be aware of >> thank you very much. ricardo. >> also the board members, speaking of traffic. some of you may have received communication from residents, on first street concerned with the routing of trucks removing from the project sight up fi
provided today or that is part of today's packet. >> but her opinion certainly should help us decide and vote on whether these three emails are public or not. is that right? >> right. >> and what i hear chair hur saying is that this memo is consistent with the actions we took -- the discussion we had at the last meeting about this. and we would be applying that same standard; that we think that matters -- communications between the comptroller's office and ethics commission staff cannot be revealed, but that communications would be our staff. the fact of such communications and any part not restricted as a communication between ethics and comptroller can be revealed. so she is following on that interpretation. >> this is what you discussed at the october meeting? >> this was discussed at the october meeting. >> yes. >> did i say it incorrectly? >> i think you said it a little more narrowly than we decided. >> okay. >> to the extent that a communication with the controller's office relates to an investigation that is covered. so internal communications, i don't rea
celebrating. we hope you grant town school use of the exploratorium to continue our important work on diversity, inclusion, equity and community-building. thank you for your time and consideration. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning, i am jennifer lew and i'm the director of the new institute at town school for boys. when i think about town, i think about the important role plays in teacher training. the new teacher institute is the fruition of heat master's vision when he first arrived atown. his goal was to establish a teacher training program that combines the practical and theoretical aspects of classroom teaching. it is the school's conviction that independent schools have the responsibility to train teachers for both the public and private school worlds. the new teacher institute has been in existence for 23 years and i was personally involve first as a 5th grade humanities teacher who worked as an intern and now as director. there are 15 interns at our school in all classes k-8. many enter into the world of teaching with barely any practical teaching. i was su
, it is primarily a large patio but there is an indoor restaurant space. the venue has been used on occasion for private parties. and they serve brunch, lunch and dinner, the purpose of this application, according to the application is to allow the applicant to have live music which was a stimulation in this llp. and the performances would be indoor only. and at the locations designated on the diagram in your packet and so hopefully you found that. again, llp does require indoor only, ending at 10 p.m. and an accessory used for the primary use of the restaurant. >> would you please define accessory use, for the commissioners who don't know what that means. >> the planning department defines it as not more than 200 square feet of performance space within a location that is also primarily used for a different function, not an entertainment function. >> so there are a couple of people here, i know that there gluston here but i saw him come in the room. >> you are up. >> thank you for your time. my name is pete glustern. we have been opened at jones for two years this week, it is going great. we
this committee to comment on the goals and ofblgz but there's a certain item we can use in the discretion if you feel that if we're to interview other people out in the public we can do that >> thank you just a point for clarification. when you begin the interview process is anyone - will there be any part of this body that will be allowed to take part in the process? >> yeah. for the potential candidate. >> but also open to this committee and the staff. >> let me clarify the candidates from the short list is by this committee. so we can screen the top candidates. this committee then could conduct the interviews. those interviews would be private? >> yes speaking those would be in closed session for the specific candidate. >> thank you for the clarification. >> and continuing down the schedule we have after the full month recruitment we have another meeting on may 6th and may 13 to interview the top candidates and then on the may meeting we would bring the recommendation to the board to appoint a new executive director and hopefully it will happen on july 1st. questions about some of the
act for us. the clerk's office has three items before you, the first is the area plan infrastructure committee, it was established in 2010 and sponsored by former supervisor soef fee maxwell, the response from the planning department indicated the committee has not yet in over one year, since this committee has not met in the last four years, it's fallen below the standard to continue and we're requesting you recommend the full board that we repeal this resolution, the next item is the neighborhood community justice task force established by ordinance in june, 2010, it was sponsored by supervisor david chu, since the passage of the ordinance, a vacancy notice has been put on the board's website, since july, 2010, however, no members of the public has shown interest during the last two and a half years and no applications have been received to serve on the bore, so this task force we feel has not met the required standard to continue, they haven't had their first meeting, there are no plans to do so and with the blessing, we recommend to the full board that this be dissolved. the fina
on this matter of which then they apprise the mayor's office and the mayor's office will keep us apprised and so we will provide you updates when we have them. and, then, the affordable care act, so at our last meeting, i mentioned that i was attending a briefing with tangerine bring am from the department of public health. and so it turns out that there are some funding, there is small pot of funding that is available to do out reach and education. there is a short turn around time to do, or to put together a grant proposal. and so, we are having some discussions about what that looks like in terms of out reach to our small business and exactly what small business populations we will be targeting. because we do have small businesses that are sole proprieter and they fall in that pool to mandate to purchase their own health insurance and we have a small business that has a workforce that may qualify for medicare or medicaid and a partially insurance plan under covered california and covered california is the exchange program, so how do we do out reach education, let businesses know, and individu
or why not?" and i am suggesting you could help yourself and all of us by being much more visible, involved. even phone calls to your district supervisor. as i will tell you if you do that enough you will find out they don't respond. i have papered the supervisors, not just the official email but the staff by name, and as you will see maybe next week again they don't respond. there's another story i am involved in about the disabled and the supervisors do not respond. until more of you do it they will continue in that neglectful pattern. thank you. >> thank you. walter paulson. >> good afternoon mayor's disability council. i want to thank ken stein for his great work. it's too bad he is stepping down. "when will we be loved? we have been pushed down. when will the disability be loved? when a find a new city job they want. it always breaks my heart into two. happens every time. i have made -- we have been made blue. we have been lied to. when will we be loved?" and "you're sweet like a disability bee but left my heart in pain. all you left is a famous city song.
it is happening fast. >> yes, this train has left the station. >> yeah. >> it is happening fast, but a lot of us think, why? why did it take so long? again, a lot of thanks is due to the people in our code advising committee and a lot of people who have worked on this for many, many years and for some of us on the commission as long as we have been on the commission we have been talking about it. it is overdue and i am support of it as well. i am just concerned with a couple of things maybe that some of the legislators have not discussed and if they have, maybe they could let us know about it. one was we know that a lot of the buildings the main part of the construction is going to take place on the ground floor where it is mostly parking garage and things like that. but we also have some small businesses that occupy some of these spaces. and so this located a small business where there is a bar or a restaurant even for six months or a year, that is the depth of their business. they can't just go away and come back. and expect everything to be all right. so i was on wondering if there was any re
give us a little bit more information about the three other letters of opposition. i see one from district 6. >> let me refer to my file. >> thank you. >> it looks like two of them, it's the reproduction of the alliance of the better six: if you would like we can go to public comment and give you an opportunity to review the file. the letters that you have is from march 6, 2013. the letter received by the alcohol and beverage control and this was submitted on october 26, 2012. do you have a copy of that one as well? and then the other two that are in opposition. >> thank you. president chew. >> before we go to public comment i want to respond. the letter that you received from walgreen's was in part or attempt to address the concerns that have been raised around the concentration of liquor license before the commitment that walgreen's has made for an area that has a high concentration of alcohol. there has also been issues around the total square footage of alcohol beverages that commitment has come down to 4 percent and the hours of sales has made sure that late night involvin
see the rainbow that's in there, and for us me and my husband and my kids to be there and feel welcome, it's more than i can say. mostly, when i hear and talk to the merchants of the neighborhood which i do because i have that kind of mouth, i hear support. so, i'm a little confused at who is so angry. to me it sounds a little bill like you thought about this before us and actually have the space. so, i'm wanting you to realize i'm in support of whatever it take to get that building in compliance so we can still have that amazing food. i don't mind if my food walks across the street when it's that good. thank you. >> thank you. : >>> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm jeremy paul. i've raised two boys in that neighborhood and i want to tell you a little bit about the restaurant there and what's available for kids and what's available for families. if you've got 30 or 40 or 50 bucks to spend on dinner, there are lots of great optionses to eat in that area. if you've got 12 or 15 or 10 bucks in that neighborhood, you've got pizza, you've got a lot of burgers, but you don't have a will th
we can make that better. they have significantly improved the lighting it used to be a dim lit area and now it is really bright. there is some surveillance cameras there, we are going to be talking with them as far as what kind of staffing they had and then also one of the problems we were dealing with is the cars being able to leave in a timely manner and it is kind of a rubix cube if you have all of these cars tucked in there where you have to get one and there is one in the back and you have to move all of these cars and that could create an issue. that is one thing that we are going to deal with the permit bureau and the loss to see the best fit for everybody. any questions or comments? >> i have a couple of questions. >> so, with regard to the parking lot, the loitering ordinance, the parking lot attendance in that lot are not security. they are parking lot attendants? >> correct. >> if someone is loitering they don't call the police? >> it would not come under the legislation as far as loitering near a nightclub however what they will be able to do it is private property and s
associations at the very end, thanks for keeping us informed of this as this individual poses a serious threat to the habitat or the quality of the area. and i just wanted... >> i have another question for you. do they have speakers outside? on their patio? do they project the music on to the patio during the operating hours? >> they did when or during that one-time. >> but that is one event. >> i mean normally, do they have speakers outside? >> i have some cads here that talk about amplification and some of them are newer than the others. >> do you have speakers on your patio. >> no. >> you have no outside speakers. >> so, i don't know how other people feel. but, conversation, laughing, among people is speech. speech is permitted. if you have two people speaking it is louder than one person, if you have ten people speaking it is louder than two people. and so on and so forth. and there is a... that is created by human speech, however it is protected and it is human speech. if they had amplified speakers on the patio then they are in a clear violation. >> here is a cad from december 13th, 9:36
to let us know that he would be absent. >> item number one is public comment. this is the time that the public can address us under the jurisdiction on items that are not on the agenda. is there a public comment? >> commissioners, mark, randy. i want to point out and remind everybody that on march, fourth, that the awards of san francisco, the nighttime entertainment awards will be held at the castro theater and the reason that i think that this is important, that if you start rewarding people for doing a good job with creative nighttime entertainment, i think that it is going to make the industry better and i hope that everybody goes. the tickets are fairly inexpensive and i think that they are $15. and it is going to be a great show and i hope that everybody will make it at 7:00, it starts. at the castro theater on the fourth. thanks. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment? >> seeing, none, i will take our new bedazzled and public comment is closed. >> all right. item number two. review and approval of the minutes. is there public comment on the commission's minut
this was an amazing experience for us and these individuals were changed. one women lost 16 pounds from going out walking her dog. her doctor had been on her for years and her health would improve if she was physically active and with the dog it was fun to her. we had an individual that was on heroin for years and his teeth were ravaged and he felt he didn't have a red letter "h" for homeless and he wanted people to see a different person and working through project connect he worked to get dentures which will change his life. the response to wolf -- as you know it was controversial. people called it pubbies for pand handlers and we know they do that because they don't have income and can't make it through the month so i see this as a valid alternative for people but we were opposed for the people of the ethical treatment of animals and they offered the city money to not give the program because they said we were giving dogs to mentally ill people and people that see themselves wanting to save animals live would rather see it killed instead of placed in homelessness to overcome their behavio
name is michael nolt e, from district 6 organizations use and land and public policy. at our last meeting we heard from the applicant about their project and we are welcome to have them attend and discuss in detail about what the project is about. the members were very supportive of it and we are encouraging to hear that a new business will be opening up in the south market area and we look forward to seeing that happen. and we also would encourage his business and of course to continue reaching out to the neighbors because that's just what they should be doing anyway. so i think again it's our organization is always in supportive of a new business even though it takes a lot of resources and time to get something off the ground. so again, clerk can say we are in favor. >> thank you, mr. nolt. next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. i have a chance to meet the owners a couple of them at least at the last alliance better district 6 meeting. i think it would be good for that area because that area is a corridor anyway i think for cocktails and art and stuff like that. so i wish y
district 9 and we have an alcohol special use district that has been in place for a number of years that creates restriction on what kind of business can go in there. anytime you place limitations there are unintended consequences. we are dealing with tweaking that as well, the point is that what works in one neighborhood may not necessarily work in another and whatever you come up with something that should be reflecting have what the neighborhood needs and what the community wants. what i see here is a compromise that strikes i think a good balance among the various interest with something like this i think a good deal of deferens should be given to the supervisor and the community who understand the ground to represent that district w that i -- and by the way, a couple points i know that i would expect walgreen's to continue to work with the community. this is approved to continue with the district of supervisor and it's great to see there will be 30 union jobs created and i'm sure walgreen's will make sure we have a diverse population of the work force and would encourage that a
and as you know, the attorney has indicated to us via memo that there are certain very special requirements for the seat number 3 that ms. currin is interested in and there is a reappointment. the seat number 3 must be employed in the senior management position at management of san francisco general hospital and the reason why we have a resident requirement waiver is because you live outside of the city so i wanted to go on record to make sure that we as a city has done our due diligence and i don't know if there's anyone other than yourself from the city that can speak to this, it looks like there's not, but so this is a reappointment, i'm going to make the assumption that those persons performing on this body have vetted to you. i personally like you and enjoy continuing to work with you as we continue to do our work over at general hospital, but there is an underlying assumption that there are no other persons that meet the specific qualifications to satisfy this seat that live inside san francisco. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> perfect. i'm glad i got that out of the way. i wou
many candidates are under suspicion for drug use so i thought i would bring that out to san francisco. second suggestion is that in an election where there is a residency required, ie, board of supervisors, if there is a written question about whether a candidate lives in a district, then it's public information, how the investigation goes and then the candidate that's being questioned is required by the election code to put in writing that he does live in the district. now, this was in regards to a situation that was done entirely in writing in 2008 and to this day, the particular person i'm talking about still refuses to put in writing whether he lived in the district or he was running to be supervisor, and the only thing i have to say, if you can't put it in writing, that brings up a legitimate question. thank you. >> okay. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, any thoughts? is there a motion to forward this item to the full board? >> [inaudible]. >> could we first take a motion to make the amendments that i had? >> thank you. is there a motio
as well do friday and if it is a big problem, comes back to us and we... >> so there is a friendly amendment to the motion, do you accept it? >> yes, i accept that. >> and since you are the second and you made it i assuming that you accept it. >> yes, i do. >> is there any further discussion in >> sorry. >> i think i am inclined to support it, but i do hear the complaints about the neighbors and i am curious if we can at least schedule them to come back in six months and make sure that they kind of just report back. and i do have appreciate the tenant that came and said that you were willing to offer, double pained windows and i think that those are really good gracious moves. so it is more than an offer. i think that those are really i think, really great to see. so i am not too worried. >> am i wrong to say that to come back in 6 months to revisit this? that is correct? >> it makes or tends to put it in a permit condition. >> yeah. >> it cannot be a permit condition and i think that it should be on the applicant to schedule that six months. it should not be on the staff to remind
, or in my case, louis herrera, the city librarian used his office to withhold public records from me. he just basically didn't want it made apparent to the public that all the claims that they were making at library commission meetings had no basis. but $10 million that was claimed as a gift to the branch library improvement program was just that, nothing, but claim. and so when i went and i tried to get these documents, he held off for nine months and now we have mr. menat shaw and he comes to you and he wants to get documents about a complaint. following these complaints is kind of like a black box, you drop it in the top and whatever comes out, you are expected to live with. same goes with the office of citizen complaints of the police department. i had a city and police inspector lie to be about the existence of a document. he repeated that lie to a deputy city attorney, when i petitioned for the supervisor of records to make a ruling. told her that there was no document. and then three months later, oh, exemption. as mr. menat shaw says you have a certain number of days, a certain t
that is a good starting point. the cu process and the conditional use process, you are going to get out reach that says, okay, it is the nai sayers that say it is compatible and you george to try to prove that. and it is some of those things are tough to prove and in your jurisdiction you are looking at applications filled out in entirety and you are looking at security plans and noise issues, and those are the kind of things that you weigh in. so there is a little bit of a difference from the two. and it is always nice that you know, people go through step one and then they go to step two. and i don't think that if you go through the first step that you should get a free pass going before you guys. i don't think that that is... i think that there is still needs to be additional. but it is not as heavy of a burden or a heavy load. this gentleman in district six, had he gone to the supervisor office he could have gotten a list and worked off that list. and he would have been in pretty good shape and some districts have more relevant significant or people that are going to voice their opinions.
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